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Commentary from Family Integrity regarding Section 59.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 4, 2007

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Sunday, March 4, 2007 am31 7:57 AM in CYFSWATCH Commentary


R. J. Rushdoony said:

\“History has never been dominated by majorities, but only by dedicated minorities who stand unconditionally on their faith.\”

Are we going to continue to let New Zealand be dominated by minorities? NO, it is time for the 80-90% of us to make our voice heard.

Results of two recent polls below:


Will a smacking ban stop you from smacking your children?
Result 87% say no


Should parents have the right to smack their children for discipline?

Result: 90% say yes

Here is what we as the majority can be doing now:

1. Download Larry Baldock\’s CIR (Citizens Initiated Referendum from the home page of Make sure you read the instruction sheet. Print the form as it is – two petitions on the one A4 page. Some people have questioned the second petition. This will not be stand alone. Larry intends to follow up on this in a lot of different ways. So even if you don\’t completely like the wording still get in behind it as this is just the beginning of dealing with this problem. Larry says \“Can I urge you to post me everything you have collected so far by next Monday/Tuesday at the latest (5-6 March)? And then get some new forms and keep going of course!!\” The reason for this is so that MPs can mention how many signatures have been collected during the next discussion in Parliament on Section 59 on March 14. Then keep collecting signatures. We have until February 21, 2008 to collect 300,000 signatures. Let us try to get as many signatures as we can by Tuesday to give the MPs a message from the majority 80%. Next Parliament day for Section 59 if the 3rd reading is not on March 14 will be March 28.

2.Continue to lobby the MPs especially up until March 14. Contact should be via:

EMAIL: Consider sending an email to all the MPs using one of these links:   New  



LETTER: A very effective way to lobby, no stamp required for your own MP. Address to: (First Name)(Last Name), c/- Parliament Buildings, Wellington

FAX: This costs a bit more and is time consuming but effective.

PHONING: This is much easier to do than it would seem. You just ring the MP\’s office and say \“Please add my name to the list of people you have who are against the Repeal or amendment of Section 59\”. You have to give your name of course and that is it.

VISIT: This is by far the hardest to do for some people. But this is most certainly the most effective way to lobby. We are fast running out of time for visiting our MPs. Only one Saturday before March 14 and three before March 28.

For a list of specific MPs to target go to

Write letters to editors, talk on talk back shows, get your friends, relations and neighbours involved

3. Please join us in Fasting and Praying for God\’s Will to be done. Let us set aside 12-14 or just the 14th of March for Fasting and Praying for our Nation of New Zealand.

4. Forward this email to heaps of people – your friends, neighbours and relations.

Some more Helpful information

A. Five video clips just posted on YouTube explaining and critiquing in a straight up way, Bradford\’s assault on New Zealand families. 36 minutes viewing in all.

Entitled \’Criminalising Parents NZ Style\’, they can be found in order at:  

Please pass this email on far and wide.

B. Go to  for the latest newsletters so you can keep up to date on the issues

C. Go to  for the latest press releases

D. John Carter said in The Northern Advocate 27/2/07: \“A lot of problems in society today are because every kid knows their rights, and none know their responsibilities. There are no boundaries for them and society if poorer for it.\”

E. From Garth George\’s article
\ “But the bitterest irony of the anti-smacking fiasco is that in progressing the bill the Government and its running dogs will, in the words of Craig Smith, a Palmerston North father of eight, \”alienate, threaten and criminalise the best allies any government could ever have in the pursuit of a peaceful, orderly society – responsible, hands-on parents\“.

F. Read Family Integrity\’s press release:

Worse than threat of arrest

\”Sue Bradford is probably right when she says Police will not charge parents every time they smack their child or use any other form of reasonable force to correct children. The real threat in her Bill to subvert parental authority is far worse: CYFS will come threatening to take the children away. Nothing could be more traumatic to a child, especially since the Children, Young Persons and the Families Act, Section 39, gives a single social worker, operating on her own, authority to use whatever force in needed to enter private homes and tear children from the mother\’s arms. The social worker doesn\’t need proof that abuse has taken place; she only needs to suspect that \“ill-treatment\” is \“likely\” to happen. And CYFS is not accountable if she makes a mistake……..\“

G. Here is another email from our friend Steve: \”We read one of the Psalms each morning for a month. This month is Psalm 37. Sit down and read God\’s encouragement to us through His servant David. Psalm 37 is a great comfort when I think of Bradford and her co-workers; especially v:7-15.

Please Act now.

Thanks for co labouring with us in this.


Craig and Barbara Smith

4 Tawa Street

Palmerston North

New Zealand

Phone: (06) 357-4399

or (06) 354-7699

Fax: (06) 357-4399

web site:  

PS. For those who have just been forwarded this email here is some important information:


The report of the Select Committee who considered this Bill to repeal Section 59 can be read at: .

In the old Section 59 correction was the only motivation allowed in the use of reasonable force with children. With this proposed new Section 59, correction is the only motivation specifically prohibited in the use of reasonable force, while other motivations are specifically allowed!

It is clear: the real motivation behind this Bill is not to stop the use of force with children, but to stop parents from correcting their children.

For information on how a private members Bill progresses through Parliament read here:,
2. We have a new brochure \“Kiss your Children Goodbye\” for passing out to people. Check it out here:

Please forward this to your friends, neighbours and family. You can print this out to give away.

3. DVD Sale:  look for them half way down the home page
We now have a limited number of these to give away or for a small donation

If you would like to stop receiving these emails please email:  Thank you.

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