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CYF’s = father hating, new age, child / family destroying lesbians

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 28, 2007

As poted on Overclockers New Zealand


cyfswatch blog thing at the new location

It’s started getting a little bit of press lately. Google has removed them from their blog site but they have set up elseware. It’s not new for google to censor anyway. Yes, they even censor things that the chinese govt doesent like their searches to show. They got big, they have turned bad. Evil corperate evil thingy with lots of corperatey data gathering stuff.

Anyway, conspiracies aside, have any of you had dealings with cyf’s before? If so, what are your thoughts about them?

Personaly I have had experiences with them. I had serious misgivings about them from the start. Not one person I had talked to before that point had a good word to say about them either. I even know a woman who quit from the organisation. She said she left in disgust over the way they were run and in her words “their unprofessional behavour”. I can safely say that from my experience with them, I have absolutely no faith in them whatsoever either. My daughter has also said the same. What does that tell you about them?

Their mandate is supposedly to do what is in the best interests of the child taking into account the childs wishes. Unfortunately from what I’ve experienced, it’s all about the mother. How can she be helped? How can the child be convinced that she should go back to her? How can the child be convinced that the abusive boyfried really is a great guy and he, or her mother wont treat her badly anymore?

All up I think I have been lucky though with a supportive lawyer on our side. I also have to make mention of the fantastic job my daughters councel (child lawyer) has been. The CYF’s worker on the other hand has been nothing but a spanner in the works. Almost one and a half years on and it’s still on going. Although I do have full custody now (waiting for yet another review).

I had a lot more in here with more detail but thought I’d leave that rant for another day.

To sum it all up though…

CYF’s = father hating, new age, child / family destroying lesbians
Child councel = Opisate of CYF’s. Nothing but the childs interests, wishes and well being at heart.
Judge / court = Extremely slow to do anything. Give females far more credit and chances than a male in the same position. But with enough money and time, they can eventualy see the light. If you don’t have the money and you don’t have breasts, forget it. You are screwed, as is your child.
Police = Not worth any effort if your complaint is against a female / mother or a boyfriend that she defends. They don’t want to know.


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