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Look at who’s spitting the dummy now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 27, 2007

Me thinks Time to take your valium and calm down. Think how bad your making yourself look now.


Posted from


Name: Cameron W
Age: 22yrs old.
Location: Taupo, NZ


More CYFSWATCH retarded shit

Posted by on February 26th, 2007 in · 2 Comments

RE: This guys sounds REALLY upset with CYFSWATCH…..but we won’t be calling the police.

It seems I’ve been blessed with the fact that CYFSWATCH another blog of the same shit moved on WordPress now?

My responce to the comments.

Firstly, Sherrill. F U C K  Y O U. thankyou.

Secondly, Madga. F U C K  Y O U.

Thirdly, Malcomx. 22yr old yep. no wife and no kids yep. No idea? wrong!
I was a foster kid. You moan and complain about them, I was in CYFS care from when i was 9 until I was 16.
Bet that gives me some idea right? Btw if you weren’t a guy, I would offer to show you in person I am definately not a boy!!

Lastly, kiwi1960. F U C K  Y O U.
I couldn’t give a rats ass what you think. Im swearing cuz I’m fucked off with retards like the fucktard behind CYFSWATCH NZ, and anyone who calls themselves ANYTHING-WATCH NZ and attempts to violate the personal saftey of others and pathetically attempts to blackmail Members of Parliment. But I think you think thats alright? right?
I have a right to free speech, but I don’t violate it by endangering the saftey of others nor do i violate it by blackmailing Members of a political party I support…
Yes I hate Telecom, No I don’t hate CYFSWATCH NZ I just don’t tolerate people such as the person behind it doing what they did and crying when they get blacklash.

Now CYFSWATCH, Why the fuck would you post the entire post I posted, and my contact details on my contact page?
If you find anything offensive on my blog, fuck you I ain’t removing it? So why copy it over and make my post look horrible. Besides, if you’re gonna link to my blog, link to me, dont copy the entire content?
Btw while your at it, get a domain and a host and some may take you a bit more seriously.

Update: Btw about the calling the police business. Please do. I would love to see WordPress shut you down aswell. Besides, I dont endanger social workers personal saftey and attempt to blackmail Members of Parliment to get my own way. So why would the cops care at taking a look at my blog?
I was right, you are more fuckin retarded than RedWatch NZ.



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