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Letter from Benjamin Easton in reply to Clinical Psychologist Nigel Latta.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 27, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH New Zealand

February 27th, 2007 by cyfswatchnz

NB: Excellent interview on with Paul Henry interviewing Nigel Latta on the anti-smacking Bill. 

 Nigel Lattas website:  

 The issue for me Nigel:

as organiser for the Wellington protest outside Judge Mahoney’s house last weekend, as presently suspended, is where will the functionality of repair be found? Will it be found with the way the system is now working? Is the system doing OK? And now with the repeal of Section 59 looking imminent will it be a success for New Zealand’s children?

The answer is you don’t know. The answer is is none of us know. We use the courts to judge. You are right to say it is the children who are the victims because they are. In your defence they are the subjects of protection with an unknown value. Miracles are fine but who gets to use them if coordinated by man as you suggest?

The point that you I believe will be better empowered in if to provide more substance in your argument is that whoever is the authority should have become the authority because they hold respect of office. If that office’s respect is impugned then for the office to retain its credibility it must defend against its allegations. In the case of CYFS, they defend themselves within themselves and for the good faith of those who would defend them like yourself.

That’s not what we are on about. We want to see a stronger defence to be marshaled in order to justify extreme actions like Sue Bradford’s which enters the house hold even deeper than for formal complaints but with legislation – saying – we are the “boss”not you. You are right the children are the victims of an authority which you defend for the justifications of its work as you see it. Yet if you turn your head away from the call of those who say they have been treated improperly then indeed what you do is to turn your head away.

When you are dealing with the raw emotion that parents live by bringing up their children and that is trashed by a power beyond their control – simply turning away – because one doesn’t have the time to debate the issue is one of those weak defences – which I ask you to reconsider.


Benjamin Easton. 

2 Responses to “Letter from Benjamin Easton in reply to Clinical Psychologist Nigel Latta.”

  1. Quixote said

    Well done,Benjamin.The KEY issue is many of these misnamed ‘Professionals’ in fact “FEED OFF FAMILIES” for there income.”Power corrupts and ABSOLUTE power corrupts absolutely” is the quotation. We need to change the Politicians in order to change legislation, bearing in mind that it is the SAME ‘PUBLIC’ servants who always advise our Parlementarians? So the advice is less about children and families and more about $$$ & SELF!We need some FRESH thinkers and only PICKETING will finally FORCE our Parlementarians to think? You only need to watch them in the House to realise that most of them need counseling. Do you have a Psychologist you would recommend? Let’s overturn the ‘Goldfish’ bowl!

  2. jay said

    The dickhead shrinks here ,I have met,
    have been shockers. Court appointed ones
    are in a class of their own. Horse whipping would be too good for them!
    I was in private practice in Florida 30 odd yrs ago after a stint in the military. I later came back to my homeland. Crips, I feel the Clients are more sane than the shrinks they are seeing. you have a child with some disorder, go to Mental Health CAMMS.
    One could put a stopwatch on the time it takes them to bleat to cyfs. Geez,
    they are fast, forget finding out what suspected family hereditary mental problems your child is displaying..
    You are now an abusive parent going to the the only court where you are guilty.
    Even if you prove otherwize & the truth is an unknown word.John Watson, A Court appointed shrink,From Christchurch, attacked me, in front of wittnesses. Judge refused to do anything about it and his blatant (proven) known ,perjury in court. I was told this jerk is one of the better shrinks. One real sick Mother!

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