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Kiwi 1960 deals to “Cameron W”.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 27, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH New Zealand

February 27th, 2007 by cyfswatchnz

Oh dear, well Cameron, why didn’t you say that in the first place? I take then you have a major beef with Telecom? You hate them as well.The point of this blog is that there are good social workers, there are also cases where a child does need to be in care, but there are also many BAD social workers and many times a child does not have to be in care.Its the culture at CYFS that makes this blog do what it does. I’d also suggest that your constant use of profanity is a direct result of what CYFS did to you, and that I’d really strongly suggest you get some counseling because you appear to be full of hate! I’d also suggest that you have issues with the way CYFS dealt to you that you have yet to confront and deal with.

I know what I’m talking about, my son is 23 this year and he is a complete mess, as you are.

You seem to wrongly think everything CYFS does is good, well, read the stories here, its not all good. Children have been KILLED while under CYFS “care and protection” or sexually abused, and yet, no social worker has ever been held accountable. I know stories from my days with PANIC that CYFS was warned about the care giver they left children with, only to have the social worker ignore the concerns. Even Police concerns were ignored.

The children were tortured with lit cigarrette ends, bashed, starved and worse.

Then there’s the children, twins, that were left with the fathers sister. The father went on TV1 news complaining that CYFS ignored his warning that his sister was a prostitute and her partner dealt drugs.

The Police confirmed that. But CYFS didn’t care.

So, Cameron, at 22, with issues you need help with, you make out you know it all and have all the answers. WRONG! You know nothing. Its not all black and white like you think.

Why didn’t you “attack” this blog with facts rather than a litany of profanity? Then the issues could have been dealt with?

BTW, in your blog entry, you said “YOUR A BLOG, THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT”

well, firstly, because its annoying me, its spelt YOU’RE not YOUR. You’re a blog.. as opposed to “your day will come!”

and last point, would you have said that had this been between 1933 and 1945, and this was Germany? Would you have shouted people down saying “YOURE A BLOG, THEY ARE THE GOVERNENT” when a blog was trying to save the Jews from the death camps?

What about Austrlalia’s “Stolen Generartion”? thats when the Aussie Govt forcibly removed children from Aborigines families and placed them with white families! Would you have denied this blog the right to try and stop that injustice?

History is full of examples that shows us that “The Government” isn’t always right. Recent example would be Bush’s excuses to invade Iraq. Here in NZ, its the lowering of the legal drinking age, look at the problems that caused with children being drunk on the streets!

Your blog serves no good purpose, its just full of hate, but this blog has a good purpose. I’d suggest you look hard at which blog should be closed down.

if you wish to reply, then do it without the profanity.


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