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Ahhhhh…..NOW it makes sense.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 27, 2007

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February 27th, 2007 by cyfswatchnz

Tuesday 27 February, 2007

SSC signs all-of-govt deal for Google boxes

The State Services Commission today signed an all-of-government syndicated procurement deal with BearingPoint New Zealand for discounted access to Google search appliances.

The deal offers all government agencies savings averaging 30% off the list price and covers an extensive range of Google products and BearingPoint services, ensuring that agencies of all sizes will be able to participate in the agreement.

“The ability to search and find government information is essential for accessible government. Agencies will be able to use these appliances for their intranets, extranets and public websites, enabling staff and the public to find and use the information they need,” said Laurence Millar, Deputy Commissioner Information and Communication Technologies.

The Google search appliances can be used to search internal documents as well as public documents, including web sites, internal databases, content management systems and document management systems.

This contract gives BearingPoint New Zealand status as preferred supplier for government search appliances. This means that agencies wishing to implement Google search may purchase these products and services without inviting tenders from other suppliers, as per the Rules for Procurement by Government Departments.


One Response to “Ahhhhh…..NOW it makes sense.”

  1. jay said

    typical, passive bribery. Run out of messengers to bop off, (Cyfswatch);
    so try other avenues. \One thing about cyfs actions, they are so predictable and will use any means, no matter the cost to hit back at anyone who dares say their neg actions are wrong.

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