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Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 27, 2007

Just to be fair we will publish t94xr’s 3 previous posts concerning CYFSWATCH New Zealand.

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Name: Cameron W
Age: 22yrs old.
Location: Taupo, NZ



Hmm With my previous interaction with now infamous RedWatch NZ (A Neo-Nazi Hate Speech Blog), It seems that CYFSWATCH NZ is becoming another dangerous blogger within NZ.

Now I am pro-anti smacking and I support the Greens MP, Sue Bradford. But this is not why I am posting this…

It seems that every blogger that attempts to go to extremes. What I mean by extremes is, to actually endangering others personal safety. Now asking or a MPs personal address is a blatant attempt to endanger ones personal safety…

Now I believe a site like this has a valid excuse to exist, but only as it doesn’t abuse its own declared power.

Here they are accusing of CYFS endangering children and families, but heres the blogger doing the same to someone else.

CYFSWATCH NZ has a right to freedom of speech, but only when that speech doesn’t endanger, they can be critical and a lil abusive but to actually endanger another persons safety like this is worse than what they accuse CYFS of doing.

Now before you think Im brainwashed or anything, I was a CYFS child. But I am definitely glad they removed me from my mother. My mother is a very very very very sick woman, very mentally un well.
Now if CYFS didn’t remove, well I would not be far from it to say that I will be very scared of the person I would have become. CYFS didn’t destory my family, my mother did that all by herself.

But I believe there is no difference between asking for details of someone you don’t like who has different views to you & asking for details of someone you don’t like (eg, a certain MP.) and after posting an email from some random person commenting that the same person should be assassinated?

What has NZ blogging become? When we let people like this continue on their tyraid of stupidity and endangerment of others.

The Anti-Smacking Bill
Now I am entirely for the anti-smacking bill. I have personally seen the children that have been “smacked” who land up in the foster care system as a CYFS child. I know that there have been plenty of parents who consider beating child into a pulp a “smack”, and I’ve seen to many children abused to know that this bill is entirely the right way to go.

If the people who support the CYFSWATCH NZ web site venturing from the critical review of how CYFS handle themselves into the actual personal endangerment of others personal safety.
What they might not understand that if the Social Workers personal safety were endangered, the children they care for are also in danger.
If the personal safety of a MP was violated due to stupidity of CYFSWATCH, numerous government security documents and information may also be in danger.

Now if CYFSWATCH NZ would prefer to remain on Blogger, or even online entirely. The person who runs the web site has to change the way CYFSWATCH NZ is targeting the people it wants to attack.

Also, CYFSWATCH NZ believe that they soley have the power to intimidate Sue into backing down from the Anti-Smacking Bill.
This is the exact same tactic Nic Miller, the incestiously inbred wannabe Neo-Nazi that posed himself to be ‘RedWatch NZ’, which is funny cuz no one else but him was RWNZ, used as a war tactic. If you apposed him, he would ask for every bit of information he could find, He would post your personal address, phone numbers and attempt to intimidate you into backing down and doing what he wants you do. None of it worked.
Note: When Nic Miller posted my 021 number on his blog. Only one person txt’d me, it just so happened to be the head guy of the community of people fundamentally against him and people like him.

I support Sue Bradford in her anti-smacking bill. I encourage her to ignore CYFSWATCH NZ in it’s attempt to attack and frighten her to back down and withdraw the anti-smacking bill.



In a somewhat instant action, similar to the RedWatch NZ style. CYFSWATCH NZ has apparently committed teh suicide with the action it took against Sue Bradford with her Anti-smacking bill.

CYFSWATCH NZ is dead, gone, nada.

Maybe anything *Watch NZ, shouldn’t blog? Due to the fact that they ALWAYS cross the line? From freedom of speech into personal endangerment of anothers saftey. rofl!!

Oh, in good news. Frogblog reports that Sue Bradfords “Abolition of Force as a Justification for Child Discipline” aka Anti-Smacking bill, has passed.

Minor update: It seems that Im the only one who has noticed it’s death. David Farrar hasn’t caught on yet.


CYFSWATCH gloats… pathetic.

CYFSWATCH sadly survived at


But what I find humurous is the fact that they reported they are the 5th fastest growing blog on
Heres a tip, you pathetic peice of shit @ CYFSWATCH…


The only reason is around is to give Blogger run by Google competition on a far superior platform than what Google shove up all fancied up on blogger whicy you know as …

You dumb fucking peices of dog shite!

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