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WINZ and CYFS – spot the difference?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 25, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH New Zealand

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

I am not surprised to learn that CYFS & WINZ are managed by the same people. The profiles I have read explain a great deal about the treatment of people by these departments, especially in Palmerston North – Terrace End office. Where does one start…… is it with the client officer that tells you the person that you have an appointment with is “unavailable” due to being tied up in a meeting that will take some time. Nice though, you are referred to “someone else” who will sort things for you.

One hour later your details are taken by “someone else” who is now going to refer them back to Mr “Unavailable”, who will process them. “And do contact us if you don’t hear back within 24 hours”. 48 hours later, 0800 make another appointment to get this sorted and it is with Mr “Unavailable”.

You arrive on time and the receptionist tells you Mr “Unavailable” won’t be long. Seconds later from around behind the notice board pops the “helpful man” who let you know at the last appointment that Mr “Unavailable” was unavailable, he calls out your name and to your surprise Mr “Unavailable” and the “helpful man” are one and the same.

It takes some time to take all of this in, and Mr “Unavailable” is now Mr ” Difficult & Rude”. Makes no sense, talks in vague terms, seems unable to articulate clearly, is rude… Thus a very stressful appointment, and I would recommend that Mr” Unavailable” aka Mr ” Difficult & Rude” look to upgrade his service delivery skills.

So what say you Mr Paul Dibble aka Mr “Unavailable” aka Mr Difficult & Rude”, being so many faces must create a lot of negative energy, and that has got to be tiresome. Until such time as you get it together, I’ll be giving you a wide berth.

… or is it with the client officer (ex-policeman – Terrace End office again) who is taking advantage of his position by propositioning female clients during interviews and visiting their homes after work hours for sex.

Do you not realise the vulnerable position clients are in (or do you), and that the misuse and abuse of power you are exercising, not only by using their personal information to track them to their homes but by having sex with them and then treating them like crap, is illegal and deviant Actually, you may need to seek some psych. help with this, I think I’ve just described a sexual predator…

…Time for all this crap to stop. And it is time for people in these positions to be accountable. While many of you resent providing the service you have been employed to deliver, it is the taxpayer (Beneficiaries included) who pay your wages, and quite frankly taxpayers have the right to expect quality of service for their tax dollars!!!

If you cannot be a well behaved and professional civil servant then don’t be one at all. People have had enough and even better, they now have a voice.

One Response to “WINZ and CYFS – spot the difference?”

  1. Sherrill said

    EH! I’m a client of the Terrace End office in Palmerston North. Let me get this right. Are saying that Mr Paul Dibble of the this same office is having sex with his female clients?

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