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Power to the people (aka “the Claytons Democracy”).

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 25, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH New Zealand

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!As many of us on this site and many more of us have said privately over the years, we do indeed live in a Clayton’s democracy.

The basic principle of any democracy is “The will of the people”. Yet, as has been proven by this government and this so called batch of electoral representatives, “the will of the people” is meaningless and continuously ignored.

As with the referendum on tougher sentencing, which was blatantly cast aside by our much esteemed parliamentarians, we now have a situation where yet again the overwhelming majority of the public are being faced with the arrogance and egotism of one person who believes that her values are the “word” and therefore the rest of us must be wrong and must cow tow to her will.

Yes, I’m talking about Sue Bradford.

This woman should not have charge of a small microwave oven, let alone have a say, or control over us and our children’s futures.

Just take a look at her press bites and ask yourself, is this what I voted for? I think not!

Eighty percent of us do not want this, yet despite this overwhelming majority, our views and voices fall on deaf ears while the agenda and ambitions of a very small minority and their lobbyists make policy that will detrimentally affect us all for decades to come. Democracy? Where? I don’t see it.

Does she truly believe this bill will keep our children safer from the “real” child abusers out there (the ones CYFS keep missing while they chase normal families to get their numbers up)? If so, she is as naive as she is ignorant and arrogant!

All this bill will achieve in its absolute indifference to the rights of parents to parent and the sanctity of the family unit, values that have been dramatically eroded over the years with legislation such as this, is more cannon fodder for the most corrupt, cruel and purely evil organization that has ever existed in this country, CYFS! More and more innocent families will become victims of this department’s abuse and brutality.

More and more children will be ripped from their safe, loving homes in “the best interests and safety of the child”. And, God help us, the state will gain even more control over our lives by becoming the de-facto parents to our children in what appears to be some subversive plot by the powers to be to make families extinct in this country.

For crying out loud people, this Bradford woman considers our national game an act of assault! What’s next? A bill to out law Rugby? Would we stand for that? Of course not! Let’s not stand for this!

With this government and its allies so intent on ignoring its constituents and doing its own thing, I believe that it is up to us to use the one major weapon in our arsenal to cast these malcontents out and restore our democratic rights.

Not since the Lange terms of the 80’s, in my opinion, have we had anything to be proud in parliament and we have paid a huge price for our apathy. You may consider this a harsh comment, but just take a look at the erosion of our rights over the past 10 to 15 years.

Every 3 years, for a few weeks we have electoral candidates hitting the hustings. Making speeches, shaking hands, offering up promises and, ironically, “kissing babies”, all in the aim of getting elected.

We, the public, become side tracked by their spin and are made to focus on issues of less importance than those that really matter. I’m not saying that issues such as the economy, foreign affairs, education, etc. aren’t important, of course they are. However compare them to the safety of our children and the security of our families from what can only be described as government sanctioned acts of terrorism and surely they pail in comparison.

When they are elected they forget their speeches, wash their hands, break their promises and (metaphorically speaking) throw the baby out with the bath water. George Bush was successful in diverting the public’s attention away from the war and WMD scam in the American Presidential campaign by focusing on the Mid West’s moral values, and look at the price Americans are paying for that now.

We cannot allow that to happen here, not anymore! So what do we do? This brings me back to my corny heading. Power to the People!!! Use the power of our one major weapon the next time the candidates hit the hustings. Tell them to repeal this ridiculously insulting Bradford law, reform CYFS by removing the evil underbelly rife within its ranks and to make them accountable for their actions and to open up the family court making it transparent and legitimate.

If they don’t do this, they don’t get your vote. And make sure, in the ballot box, they DON”T get your vote. We do have the power, we just have to make sure that our representatives are reminded as to whom they work for and the consequences of their failure to do our will.

Unfortunately under MMP, we cannot totally vet the quality of candidate that enters parliament resulting in some very (for want of a better phrase) bottom of the barrel parliamentarians, I draw your attention back to Sue Bradford, but who knows, maybe sometime in the future, we will be able to select the list candidates and weed out this type.

In regards to any Greens supporters reading this post, my intention is not to insult you but come on! Sue Bradford!!! Really???

I do commend the Greens commitment to the environment, but can I ask their voters, did you get your bang for your buck?

What party puts its core values on the back burner just to support an already corrupt government for fear of the big bad centre right wingers? Surely your values are your values!

Are they worthy of your vote the next time around? Helen should have been crucified over corn-gate, along with many other scandals too numerous to list, yet there she sits atop her throne ruling all beneath her. Again, God help us, if we can’t help ourselves.

In closing, here’s hoping National gets the numbers to amend this bill forcing Ms Bradford to withdraw it and disappear into some political abyss. New Zealand’s families and children can’t take any more of these malicious attacks.


Craig Martin

Ph: (09) 8133647



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