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CYFS Social Worker plays God – and a grandaughter pays the price.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 25, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH New Zealand

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

PALMERSTON NORTH:I applaud the setting up of this site and hope that Govt. pay attention. I doubt it though, sadly for those affected by all the inadequacies in the service.

I made a notification to the Palm. Nth office regarding the care and protection of my granddaughter (under 5 yrs). She was with her mother who had serious addiction issues, a stream of men through her house, parties, drugs, alcohol…..

My granddaughter was sexually abused by an ex- partner who continued to visit and babysit, allowing the mother to continue her lifestyle and latest relationship with a “P” supplier.

The child was placed with me while an “investigation” took place, one week later I received a call from Social worker telling me the child was to be returned to her mother, the mothers A/D counsellor had written a report stating mother was in recovery, not drinking, doing well…

I protested strongly and was told that the findings were final, they had no reason for concern. I spoke to seniors, same response. My last words to them was that when things went wrong for my granddaughter again, I would be holding them responsible, and things would go wrong.

I had given them the names of health professionals whom they could contact to verify what I was telling them, but they continually told me that they were satisfied that the A/D report was all they required.

So, needless to say, nothing changed, I think there was a great celebration that night, not by me.

I am in the same place now, with a seriously traumatised granddaughter, and finally (2 years later) a CYFS report supporting my concerns.

Are there inadequate people in CYFS? Absolutely!!!

Thank God one came along that was professional and knew what she was doing, even two years down the track.

My granddaughter should never have suffered for the additional two years and I hold the previous Social Worker and her Manager and Supervisor accountable.

Palmerston North office – WAKE UP!!! Your actions can hurt children, as in this case.

One Response to “CYFS Social Worker plays God – and a grandaughter pays the price.”

  1. Sherrill said

    Who was the Social worker in the Palmerston North office of CYFS?

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