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A CYFWATCH Supporter responds.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 25, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH New Zealand

Sunday, February 25th, 2007


Its interesting to see that CYFSwatch really knows how to play the media, and play it they have, because it seems that M/s Bradford wasn’t told by the Helen Clark NOT to mention this blog, and in so doing, again, it hits the media.

Thankyou M/s Bradford.

But some of the comments I read on this blog are from people entirely missing the point. Firstly, I see nothing wrong in the first blog entry which mentioned doing violence to M/s Bradford, its a symptom of the anger in our society against this bill, and its better to voice that anger than actually going out and doing it (which I wouldn’t condone)

The second blog entry asking for M/s Bradfords personal details, well, I’m in two minds on that one. If politicians want to intrude into peoples private lives then they must pay a price, protest outside their homes is a fitting punishment.

Why do people assume that the first blog entry and the second one are connected? They may not be. But again, people are missing the point.

We live in a nanny state, Politicians like M/s Bradford are telling the people of New Zealand what to do, when to do it and so on. This law is one in a long line of laws that invade our private lives, we are the most regulated people on the planet.

We have stupid laws as it is, this “smacking” law is the latest, and Helen Clark now wants to tell us what light bulbs we can us by outlawing cheap standard bulbs.

We will all be forced into buying the more costly energy saving bulbs, but Helen doesn’t care about the price, her Government collects GST on each bulb sold. Same with new laws about how noisy your car can be, and that people will soon have to have a compulsory tune up when they apply for a warrant of fitness.

These laws, on the one hand, are a revenue raising scheme, but on the other, its telling us what to do. You see, we cannot be trusted to think for ourselves, we cannot be trusted to make the right choices, and that brings us to M/s Bradfords stupid law.

Any parent that “smacks” their child to the point of that child being admitted to hospital CAN, as it stands, be prosecuted under the law, even smacking a child for no reason is cause enough for CYFS to step in and claim child abuse.

Face it, the child is already protected under our laws, so why do we need another one?

I’ll tell you why, its because these politicians need to justify their existence on this planet, and also, as I said, we cannot be trusted to live our lives the way we want.

The end result of this law will be that CYFS can claim in the Family Court, with NO evidence to back it up, that the parents smacked their child, and the Judge, who would have laughed before this law comes into effect, will be obliged to “protect the child” while its investigated.

Once in the system, the parents will not see their child again.

We cannot even be trusted to raise our children. The Government, in the form of CYFS, knows better who can and cannot be a good parent. M/s Bradford would be better employed to suggest laws to make CYFS more accountable.

You see, more children are killed while under CYFS care, either actually IN their care, or the family is receiving “help” from CYFS. That’s a more fitting problem for M/s Bradford to tackling.

In Masterton, FOUR children were killed and CYFS was involved in each one (theres probably more, but these made national news). Lillybing was the first. Coral Burrows wont be the last either.

So while parents can and WILL be prosecuted, CYFS will still be running amok in our society. Has anyone ever heard of a social worker being prosecuted for putting a child in a foster home where that child was sexually or physically abused? No, because its yet to happen. THATS where M/s Bradford could do some good. THAT law would be popular.

Face it New Zealand, we don’t even have the right to protest anymore! This blog is proof of that, Peter Hughes wanted it closed down and had Google been a New Zealand company, it would have been.

Even when we do protest, the Government makes light of it, ” a bunch of malcontents” and “they don’t have all the information” and “The National Party is behind this” are some of the comments Helen Clark uses to IGNORE all protests.

So, this blog at least lets us be heard. M/s Bradford for one must read this blog (Hello Sue!!!) so its a good way to let those we elect hear what concerns us the most.

Don’t forget too, that before she became an MP, M/s Bradford was one of us, she was a protester, and an advocate of the Unemployed Workers Union.

What she wants to deny us is what she did nearly every week while she was unemployed.

She knows how the game is played, she knows very well that she didn’t need to feel afraid, but she went on TV saying her life is now in danger, well, that’s one way to get the public behind an unpopular bill she is promoting, like I said, she knows how the game is played.

What was said on this blog is MILD compared to what I have heard people say in public, and lets face it, it wont stop the child bashers one bit, they will keep on doing what they do REGARDLESS of this law.

So why have it? This is why I support this blogs right to say what it did, whether or not I agree with it, because until this Government starts listening to the people of New Zealand then what other option is there and the Government can expect a lot more of this kind of thing, because protesting to deaf ears doesn’t get anyone anywhere, but M/s Bradford surely DID hear a threat to her life, even if she did slightly overreact.

It looks like that’s the ONLY way these bunch of no hopers in parliament ever WILL listen to us. By making our point, and adding a threat. I dare anyone to say that the poll saying 80% of the people opposed to this bill had any impact on M/s Bradford, and I dare anyone to say that this blog ALSO didn’t have a MASSIVE impact on M/s Bradford. Its amazing what impact a few words will have on those we elect.

At least we now know that the no hopers we are suckered into electing read this blog. That’s good!



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