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“Its parents vs the state”

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 25, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH New Zealand

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

Hi CyfswatchThe anger of correspondents concerning the Bradford bill (’The Cyfs Charter’) is justified. If passed, it will result in more children and parents being torn apart by Nanny State. Problem adolescents especially will try to seize the upper hand by threatening parents with a dobbing-in. Not only if their parents use physical discipline but also if they won’t let them drink or drug, won’t let them go out all night with undesirables, won’t let them have undesirables stay ad lib…

But punching Sue Bradford in the face (or anywhere else) is not the answer. It will only get her and her stupid, dangerous bill sympathy neither deserve.

One solution is for parents to let their children know it is us against the State.

I did this with my children. After we got them back from Nanny State, they were fearful of being snatched again ‘by due processes of the law’. From beatings, bullying and starvation when away from home, they had learnt first-hand what Cyfs-certified ‘respectable’ bad foster parents could be like. Life still wasn’t a picnic for us. But they accepted their parents loved them while state minions like teachers, social workers etc did not. I certainly wasn’t shy of reinforcing: ‘Do that, and you’ll be taken away again.’

What though can you do if your kids have no first-hand experience of life under Cyfs?

In that position, I’d download age-appropriate horror stories from this blogsite and read them to my kids as part of their bedtime stories. Then finish each story with: ‘That’s a true story. Do you want Cyfs to do that to us?’ We would next talk about how the children in the story must have felt to be snatched away from those who loved them by evil social workers. And how lonely it would be to grow up away from mum & dad, wickedly abused and exploited by people you can’t protect yourself from.

That way children will grasp that the State is the enemy. And that their family must unite to protect itself.

Back to Sue Bradford. I actually respect her as one of our better parliamentarians. A caring person, unlike most of the self-serving weirdos and perverts who heaven help us all, run this country. But on section 59, Mrs Bradford’s way out of line.

Instead of punching her, how much better to spotlight her own record as a parent. Hasn’t she five children? What sort of advertisement for her childcare theories are they? Didn’t one commit suicide? Has the parent of a young suicide any right to use Parliament to bully other parents by giving Nanny State more legal tools to destroy families?

My father used to warn: ‘Never trust the government.’ Of course I passed his wisdom on to his grand kids. If you are a caring parent, why not do the same with your kids – and don’t forget the bedtime stories. Bad dreams? Better that your kids have bad dreams in the safety of their own beds (with Mum & Dad only a room and call away) than to live for years the real-life nightmares this blog chronicles with state-approved violent/ molesting/ irresponsible ‘caregivers’.

Mama Punker

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