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Can CYFSWATCH take on the Family Court as well?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 23, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH New Zealand

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Last year I walked from Hamilton to
Wellington, pushing a pushchair, petitioning for an enquiry into the Family Court system. My journey was incredible and personally rewarding, but there were two aspects that were truly surprising.
The first surprise was that most of those who signed the petition were women, contrary to my belief that it would be mainly fathers wanting an enquiry, and the second surprise was that many asked if the enquiry included CYFS. I heard some shocking and heart breaking stories along the way. Many had not told their story before, for fear of retribution from CYFS and Family Court. It’s easy to keep someone quiet when you have the power to remove their children and sever relationships.
Despite having now waited three years for a custody hearing in the Family Court, I have had very little to do with CYFS. However, I did contact CYFS when my son’s half sister told me over the phone that she (13 years old at the time) was caring for my son just 4 weeks after his open heart surgery. The CYFS operator told me that “13 is close enough to 14, what’s the problem?” I was told that if I was really concerned I should phone the police next time I suspect my son is being cared for by a minor.
Just a few weeks later while driving home from varsity I met up with my X-partner at a round-about (coming from different directions) and noticed that my son wasn’t with her. Since it was school holidays and I suspected that he was again being cared for by his 13 year old half sister, I did a u-turn and drove straight to the police station. The police showed up at my home about 4-5 hours later, and gave me a verbal warning for “following and stalking” my x-partner. This of course was supported by a nasty letter from my x-partner’s lawyer which was then attached to an affidavit. For caring about my baby boy’s safety and welfare, I was labeled a stalker. Would I contact CYFS again and take their advise?
More recently, a close friend of mine discovered that his 10 year old son was regularly being left home alone after school. He took the appropriate steps, phoning CYFS, but was fobbed off. The law states that children are not to be left alone while under the age of 14, yet this law, like others, is only taken seriously when agendas come in to play. It’s either a law or it isn’t.
What is the chance of extending this blog-site to include Family Court injustice, or even running a parallel blog? Those shamed would of course be Family Court lawyers, Judges, psychologists and then full circle back to CYFS.
Awesome site!

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