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Children’s Commissioner hires staff for CYF complaints

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 22, 2007

Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro has employed a full-time staff member to handle the 400 complaints a year it receives about the Child, Youth and Family service.



3 Responses to “Children’s Commissioner hires staff for CYF complaints”

  1. cyfswatch said

    Thank you for this mirror site: could we ask you to please post to this site the new CYFSWATCH master site URL:


  2. Jenny said

    Its about time, what took her so long she obviously didn’t find it important enough to do something about until all this started. She must be running scared that the government might find out she hasn’t done her job PROPERLY either.

  3. Jay said

    We they get rid of ‘TOO HARD’ box or bin I might believe them.
    Cyfs did same sort of window dressing after the Exellent Judge Mick Brown’s Report, lasted all of 5 minutes!
    This Commission is part of Cyfs.. Conflect of interest.

    Ho Hum, same old same old!

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