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Sunday 4th March will be Children’s Day.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 20, 2007

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Sunday 4th March will be Childrens Day.

Anonymous writes:

Sunday 4th March will be Children’s Day.

Lets make our plight more known.

Have a public protest picnic with our kids toys standing in for our missing children.

We must begin to be more vocal.

I was a parent who abused her children, but it seems I will never be given a chance to put things right.

Criminals have a parole board, but we have nothing.

Someone else commented on another post that with CYFS it seems to matter more whether they “like” you as to how you will be treated.

I can honestly say that in my own case I tried for some years to alert CYF among others as to the problems I had in managing one of my children in particular.

Instead CYF in their “wisdom” decided to deal with my mental health issues.

So I suggest in all our main centres parents get together with our missing kids toys flyers with this website address and perhaps a brief flyer with our individual stories on it .

(To the tune of teddys bears picnic):

Today’s the day CYFs took away my children,
If you need any help today , your in for a big surprise,
If you need any help today here comes CYFS with all their lies,
For every child that ever their was may be lost to you forever because today’s the day that CYF took away my children.


2 Responses to “Sunday 4th March will be Children’s Day.”

  1. Peter File said

    Were da kidz @

  2. Jay said

    The central characters here; in my dealings with them are like Dumb & dumber part 3 or; the 3 monkeys.. see, hear,know : NOTHING!
    Give a whole new meaning to the term :wasted spaces.

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