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Questions for Cindy Kiro, Ruth Dyson, and Judy Turner.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 20, 2007

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Questions for Cindy Kiro, Ruth Dyson, and Judy Turner.

Anonymous writes:

1. If a parent goes to CYF among other agencies asking for help, who is responsible to ensure they are supported?

2. Is it lawful to prevent siblings from having meaningful contact with each other?

3. Is it lawful or ethical for one child to be blamed for the actions of another?

It is not logical to simply say you must not hit your children, or we will punish you, as Ms Bradford’s law changes proposes will allow if they become Law.

We must stop punishing families and children for living in poverty, not having parenting skills having little or no community support.

In my own case I have battled with PTSD and depression, if we accept mental illness is not a moral issue but an illness , we must act with understanding and compassion.
I want you to protect my children but support me as well.

But I know from personal experience that there is little out there to do this.

There is no 24 hr a day support.

So if you have no family and friends cannot help, you are physically ill, you have several unexpected bills eg washing machine explodes and a high power bill, you are awaiting test results over the illness it might be serious, and you are dealing with an abusive violent young women who is taller bigger and angry, but only 12 you are exhausted and frightened and you snap you grab a knife lets say you want her to stop yelling leave you alone you don’t realise you have wet your pants from fear.

You don’t harm her but threaten to; she stops yelling at you abusing you, and the situation deescalates.

But she tells the police, and in your guilt and shame of not coping, you accept all responsibility; you are charged and your children taken away, What does that change?

You see the problem is sometimes we need help but it is jut not there.

Three years later you are branded a liar and so emotionally dangerous to your children you and your eldest child are allowed only minimal contact , by phone.

If you want to stop abuse make help available.

The money CYF spends on lawyers psychologists etc needs to be used to help families.


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