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An apology to CYFSWATCH, and our reply:

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 20, 2007

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

An apology to CYFSWATCH, and our reply:

Deane Jessep said…

Sorry about being a little off topic but I would like to apologise for the strong words my last post used… I was merely reacting to a combination of your reply to David Farrar and the “Stone a CYFS worker”.

I really do applaud your work here, but need to be completely clear that we do not agree on what is an acceptable level of extremism. Keep up the good work, but please consider being more accommodating with the idea of moving towards a compromise.

20 February 2007 10:50

cyfswatch said…

Hi Deane,

We at CYFSWATCH don’t condemn strong words – frankly, the debate on this site has been some of the most honest talk that Kiwis have had for a while. Regards your call to compromise: CYFSWATCH don’t negotiate with terrorists, and any state sanctioned agency that does what CYFS does is practicing terrorism against the New Zealand family.

To stop us, the Government is either going to have to shut us down and put us in jail, or kill us. We are not open to any other options.

The assault by CYFS on the New Zealand family has gone on long enough – now, its either them, or us. That extreme enough for you?


20 February 2007 12:02


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