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Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 18, 2007

Friday, 16 February 2007

Dear cyfswatch:

Could you please put this link on your page to mine
If people what to see how CYFs give people the run around, cover things up or ignore them then my page has the evidence.

My story while coming from a different angle shows the same patterns as others have experienced on your webpage.

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  1. Jay said

    I have visited Graeme’s site. It is like Graeme, all up front, he went to cyfs for a job in good faith. He is highly trained well respected member of the community. Works with youth, Snr advocate of a Workers & Beneficiary
    Group (And founder member of same) Now called the Peoples Centre.
    Extremely experienced Field worker. an asset to any organization.
    I know Graeme as a friend and as a very professional person.
    What cyfs Bosses impute about Graeme not being up to their standards, whatever; is utter rubbish. The situation is exact opposite to what cyfs claim.
    I feel one of the reasons , like so many like Graeme who have applied for jobs at cyfs; and been turned down is: they were honest over qualified,
    likely to push changes and rock the system.
    Lets face it, cyfs employ zombies and yes people; (brown noses)who have no idea what work ethics, honesty, humanity mean and not adverse to flaunting the law or breaking it.
    Just before and around the time, Land transport changes the rules on vehicle liecenses, graeme had most of them, more than anyone else in NZ.
    This guys a doer, with a strong sense of what is right and prepared to stick up
    for wrongs done to himself and others. Cyps attitude in all this is dismal
    to appalling . By their actions, thy be known.

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