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The legacy of an internal CYFS Complaints Authority?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 18, 2007

Thursday, 15 February 2007

The legacy of an internal CYFS Complaints Authority?

News Flash

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Lawyer Urges Parents to Bypass CYFS Complaints Authority

An Auckland barrister says people who have grievances with CYFS should begin court proceedings and bypass the CYFS Complaints Authority.

Ima Gooden, who specialises in such cases, is giving the advice because of what she says are lengthy delays and unsatisfactory outcomes.

She says cases taken to the complaints authority can drag on for years, and she is now telling clients they should go straight to court.

Yesterday the authority’s outgoing head, Judge I M Richnow, told a Parliamentary select committee the office has been under-resourced for years.


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