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Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 18, 2007

Friday, 16 February 2007

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NZ-Family Orientated Folk


New Zealand Society has used its “Families in Anguish” for Personal Profit, Political Gain and Anti-Biological Family Agenda ABUSE for so long; many of us can’t see it until we hit the WALL of that Anguish when we lose part or all of our **Whole-NATURAL-Biological-FAMILY**

This is deeply felt by 1/3 some say nearly ½ of our NZ-Kids and their Families, thru poverty, or as John Keys says UnderClass, or the heinous actions of NZ Family Law, Social Policy and those who administer it, FC-WINZ-CYFS-etc.

PM HELEN confirms the Judges and others do it her way thus we truly are at WAR-4-Kids. NewsTalk 1ZB 2-Sept-06.

The leader of the opposition sees the poverty. Does he see the heinous actions of NZ Family Law, Social Policy and those who administer it? Has National got the BALLS to examine its part in creating this mess and to reverse the far more deliberated and heinous mess created by LABOUR and its Femi-Fascist-Socialist policies???

It was inspiring to hear the Leader of the opposition allure to this in his Jan 07 speech Go or visit the HandsOnEqualParent E-Group thru the main website. / News-Debate and Research in the main index

Most see the problem to late and have our Kids and our Grand Children STOLEN. There are now some 300,000 some say 400,000+ Kids without their own Dads every night and thus NO Paternal Family. We then see that some CHURCHS, NZ Law and Social Policy are set-up to support that theft by the unsrewpulous in our society, some calling themselves Christians.

Some like Javan and I survive although severely damaged. Many don’t. Either they disappear to lick their wounds, take their lives in sheer ANGUISH, or end up as the Fatherless in our prisons!!

All these heinous options are the direct result of poor Family Law and Social Policy and the deliberate ABUSE by those who make and administer it, MP’s, Judges, Lawyers, Bureaucrats their hirelings and many Pontificators of polished religion.

It is my intention to bring the plight of as many as possible to Public and Political Awareness of the damage the current “Families in Anguish Industry” / “Empire of Injustice” does and to be 100% supportive to those who are in Activism with aims that fit within ***HandsOnEqualParent-Policy***/**NZ-FATHERS-Coalition**.

See POLICY and aims to the left on the index at

The ‘War-4-Kids WAGON-1″ is available with driver and PA for those in ACTIVISM with aims that fit within ***HandsOnEqualParent-Policy*** and the aims of the **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition** who SPONSOR it.

The cost is high;

Those of us on the frontline of change pay

– Damaged vehicle

– Sign Writing obscured with paint

– Rocks thrown

– Children embarrassed at school

– Hosed

– Stuff stolen from homes and vehicles

– Live Chain Saw threats

– Bias Court hearings(Judicial activism to protect those who damage our families (Tauranga)

– A small few of vindictive POLICE (Tauranga)

– All other POLICE have been politely supportive

– WINZ refusing to support disabled DADS

– WINZ refusing to recognise **Equal** Parenting Orders

– Local Body Network bad mouthing Men and their Families

– Rude letterbox deliveries

– Some very Bias Press

– Virtually no funding

Come BOTHER those who damage our **Whole-NATURAL- Biological-FAMILIES** while there is a chance of recovery

Onward – Jim

Supporter **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition**


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