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Do we need a 4th “independent” Complaints Authority?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 18, 2007

Saturday, 17 February 2007

Do we need a 4th “independent” Complaints Authority?

Twowheelcowboy writes:

Im getting really tired of repeating this. There are already 3 “independent” complaints authorities with powers to investigate CYFS, the Ombudsman, the Human Rights Commission, and the Children’s Commissioner.

Ever wonder why no – one knows that?

So they start a 4th one.

Oh goody.

Government is far more dedicated to protecting itself than it is to protecting kids.

One Response to “Do we need a 4th “independent” Complaints Authority?”

  1. Kay said

    Sadly, most of mentioned so-called independent complaints authorities are not strictly that.
    Children,s Comm, can not get involved if case is in court system. then only about child(not parents getting abused whatever). Ombudsman; can only suggest
    or recommend something, have limited powers.
    Human rights Commission: Sounds good,
    but, in most cases they will find a rule or directive not to get involved.
    Most distressed parents have been down this path, to no avail.
    Cyps answer to no-one, parents have no where to go for complaints or help.
    Until NZ gets a proper consitution,
    Abuse by Govt depts will thrive in many cases. Most commissioners are govt appointed persons with limited powers.
    Worse: they mostly can only work in a set, tight framework.

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