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Shocked Aunty from London concerned with the Gross Negligence displayed by CYFS.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 15, 2007

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Shocked Aunty from London concerned with the Gross Negligence displayed by CYFS.

My nephew was taken from my sister over 2 1/2 years ago at the age of 4. My sister was having problems with a violent boyfriend at the time and severe depression that was not allowing her to cope very well.

It was decided that it was is in his best interests for him to be removed from her until “she sorted her life out” under arbitrary terms dictated from CYFS. Quite frankly the women in charge of my nephews case had quite a personality clash with my sister and she had no intention of ever letting her have custody of him again. This became apparent afterwards of course. My sister suffers from severe depression that has blighted her whole life, and bad choices of the company she keeps, but she loves her son dearly, and should have rights to decisions that effect his future.

He spent a brief stint his grandmothers, as everyone would’ve loved her to take him, but due to her old age and her many illnesses she could not cope with a 4 year old boy. CYFS offered her no true support considering her age. So in desperation she gave him back to CYFS. So after a stint in foster care, they decided and this is where I am REALLY confused, to give him to his paternal father. Now his father met my sister in a drug rehabilitation unit, they got married, she got pregnant, he got VERY violent, he eventually he left.

Now this violence against my sister during their brief marriage resulted after drinking (as he is an alcoholic) and all of this must be on police records. BUT despite this CYFS give my nephew to him on a long term trial. My sister pleaded with CYFS for them not to do this, but as I stated they now decided she has no rights.

Now this gets me as well, here in England mothers still have some rights, and my sister is not insane, she just has depression issues and a big personality clash with her case worker. You would think a professional body would rise above that and still treat her with the rights she must have?

Anyway despite my sisters pleas and his police record of violence, my nephew goes to his father and his new girlfriend. Now when my mother goes to visit she notices beer cans every where. Now how can an alcoholic drink anything, well of course they can’t or shouldn’t. Would this not be warning bells to the CYFS case worker who should’ve been monitoring the situation. CYFS at this stage also right off my mother, never answering her calls, ignoring her concerns.

So to cut a long story short, the primary school notices my nephew has a black eye one day. They also notice he frequently smells of pee and is withdrawn. Oh my god, where is CYFS, and why are they ignoring the abuse that is obviously happening towards my nephew (they still have full custody). The school contacted his grandmother, she contacted CYFS. His father had beaten him up (which I am sure is not the 1st time). She insisted in contacting the police as CYFS would not. So it has become a criminal case.

My nephew has now become a very disturbed boy at the age of 6. He steals, he lies, he is VERY angry, he bed wets (his father forced him to wear nappies during the day), he is withdrawn, and he is unable to cope with the anger he feels inside. There is even concern that he is hearing voices. I would say he’s going to have a very hard time for the rest of his life. His life has been ruined at such a crucial point of his psychological development that he may not recover. I am heart broken with the negligence that CYFS has displayed. It was a gross mistake to send a boy to his father and ignore his background. It is also grossly negligence of them not to notice the signs of his abuse.

SO to top off this sad story, as currently my mother, sister and myself have no knowledge of where he is (they say it’s for his safety… ummm he should be protected from the very STUPID people in CYFS ruining his life). My mothers last conversation with his case worker ending with this very SCARY women saying he was fine with his father for a while, maybe it’s best he goes back…..

At the next “Family Meeting” where CYFS actually talk to us…I will be calling for this to go to court against them. It must leave CYFS hands as they have proved they are incapable of decisions in this boys best interests.

Funny thing, in cases like this in England, case workers who made all of the wrong decisions and don’t monitor the situation are prosecuted for gross negligence. So what if they don’t have the right experience or they made a mistake, they are still liable for negligence and cruelty. There has been quite a few cases over here with people spending time in prison for it. I haven’t spoken to a NZ lawyer yet, but can we actually take this woman (the lead case worker) to court in NZ for gross negligence?

Someone in CYFS should be held accountable for ruining this boys life.


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