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CYFSWATCH makes it to Canada.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on February 11, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Friday, 2 February 2007



We’d like to inform you that we’ve received a complaint regarding your blog Upon review, we’ve noted that your blog is not in compliance with Blogger Terms of Service ( As a result, we’ve been forced to remove the infringing posts from your blog.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Blogger Team


Er, don’t be evil….

Apparently the New Zealand government did not like what this blogger wrote.

If anyone is interested I have a fair bit of hosting space available. Email me.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

NZ National Business Review Article.

Google steps in to CYF blog controversy Agency Story

Blog intervention

Google has moved to censor some content on an online forum which encourages people to post stories of their unsatisfactory dealings with Child, Youth and Family.

The blog invites people to provide personal information about social workers in what it says is an effort to name and shame them.

Google has posted a message on the site saying it has removed posts infringing its Blogger Terms of Service following a complaint from the Government.

The message from Google is titled ‘Google moves on behalf of New Zealand government to censor CYFSWATCH [the title of the blog]’.

It states:

“We’d like to inform you that we’ve received a complaint regarding your blog Upon review, we’ve noted that your blog is not in compliance with Blogger Terms of Service ( As a result, we’ve been forced to remove the infringing posts from your blog.”

The blog’s anonymous authors have asked Google to explain the move.

Additional material added by NBR Staff.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

“You’re Going to have to Participate in the Conversation Whether You Want to or Not”

Posted from The Bamboo Project:

You’re Going to have to Participate in the Conversation Whether You Want to or Not

Seems like conversations are going to happen whether we like it or not . . .

Earlier this week, I mentioned the New Zealand CYFSWatch blog that’s raised an international ruckus because of its “name and shame” tactics, taking transparency and accountability to new levels.

Since I made that post my traffic from searches for that blog has increased significantly, adding further fuel to the fires of concern that the online community WILL get the word out, whether you want to participate in the conversation or not.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

MSD have been accessing CYFSWATCH? Surely not.

http://www.big-news.blogspot.comThat CYF blog.

Gee, there’s a lot of people from the Ministry of Social Development spending a lot of their working hours surfing the Internet for this site judging by the number of hits from the MSD on this blog today. Its the CYFS Blogwatch site.

Okay, now that you have found the site – go back to work and do the job you are paid to do. Peter Hughes is spending enough tax-payers money trying to track the owners down, so we don’t want others in his department wasting time online, do we.

Go back to Trade Me. If you must.

update Did you click on the link? Heh!!

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

CYFSWATCH makes it to the UK.

UK Newsgroups posting:

The CYFswatch blog continues..More disturbing details have been posted [link] including government ministers questions and evasions.

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

A history of Technology and Censorship.

Posted from and Censorship

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

The CYFSWatch affair and the Ministry of Social Development’s flailing around trying to decide how to deal with the threat of people expressing themselves with a new technology (and the Prime Minister’s frothing last year about “right-wing bloggers”) brings to mind an earlier time when authorities grappled with a new technology in a similarly ham-fisted manner.

Rodney A. Smolla describes what happened in his book Free Speech in an Open Society (ch.11):

Censorship was logistically simple for the Roman censors and Church until Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press in 1450. Handwritten books were laboriously produced by a small number of persons under the strict control of authority; there was no opportunity for the mass distribution of printed material challenging the orthodoxy.

It is no accident that shortly after Gutenberg invented the printing press, official authorities invented the first censorship bureau. In 1485, only thirty-five years after Gutenberg made mass dissemination of the written word a technological possibility, the archbishop of Mainz – the city where Gutenberg lived – created an office of the censor. The precedent took hold.

In 1493 the Venice Inquisition issued the first list of banned books; in 1559 the Church established the Librorum Prohibitorum, or Index of Banned Books, binding on Roman Catholics (and thus virtually the entire population of Europe). The Index was administered by the Office of the Inquisition, which continued to operate in France as late as 1774 and in Spain as late as 1834. (Today there is no Inquisition, but there is still an Index, though the Church now regards it as advisory only.)

Governments around the world reacted similarly to Gutenberg’s new technology. Censorship was instituted in Germany in 1529. The British monarch in 1559 chartered the Stationers’ Company and limited the right to print to the Stationers’ Guild, thereby hoping to check seditious and heretical speech. A series of British licensing laws were passed on the Stationers’ model, provoking John Milton to write his famous tract on free expression, the Areopagitica.

Governments and the Church burned books and heretics alike, but to no avail. The Renaissance and the Enlightenment followed. Smolla continues:

It is futile and foolish to enact our fears into law; law cannot and should not attempt to hold back the enormous tides of technical creativity that are altering the world around us. But we are challenged to manage these changes; to take into account how technologies alter the way in which we communicate, and thus necessarily affect our rules of freedom of speech; to understand how technologies may alter even the relationship of the individual to the state, and thus affect our thinking about how to ensure basic protection for civil liberties.

To repeat a Karl Marx quote I was reminded of today: History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. So, come on, just try and stop this new technology. I’ll be watching. And laughing.

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Prime Minister Helen Clark says CYFSWATCH has attracted “some people who don’t have a cause for greivance at all”

Go to for the full interview with Paul Holmes.

Prime Minister Helen Clark seems to have determined all by herself that the brutal and heart breaking stories that have appeared on this site are written by some people “who don’t have a cause for grievance at all”.

Ummmm, Prime Minister………might it be an idea to talk to the people who have posted stories on this blog site to find out what has actually been going on, before you go flapping your gums?

Maybe a little less focus on “what the National Government did” with state market rents and benefit cuts in the 1990’s, and a little more focus on putting right the stories that are on this site would help?

How’s that “non-existent underclass” issue going? Not good we hear.

“Benign strategic environment?”. Ditto.

“Leaky homes beat-up”?. Still with us.

Time to get out more among the real people sweetie – you know, the ones that are not ensconced in Universities, public service, or trade unions.


Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Internet Spokesman David Farrar at Kiwiblog has been busy since CYFSWATCH arrived.

One of New Zealands most popular blog sites has posted its statistics for recent usage. CYFSWATCH also notes that David Farrar has been called on for numerous interviews regarding CYFSWATCH., and we have observed and appreciated his mostly balanced and informed perspective when commenting on this site.

Most Visited Pages:

/2007/01/the_cyfswatch_blog.html 2732
/humour/ 2430
/2007/01/blogger_drinks_tuesday.html 1849
/2007/01/is_this_rape.html 1783
/2007/01/last_time_theyll_leave_anderto.html 1332
/2007/01/nuking_iran_1.html 1299
/2007/01/a_very_good_speech.html 1291
/2007/01/idiotic_aussie_flag_ban.html 1261
/2007/01/important_questions_on_global.html 1015
/2007/01/that_evil_woman.html 1008
/2007/01/contacting_dpf.html 1003

Search Phrases to find Kiwiblog:

kiwiblog 1208
david farrar 1206
cyf blog 605
cyfswatch 348
cyfs blog 194

keisha castle-hughes pregnant 172
jayden headley 156
kiwi blog 148
farrar 135
cyps blog 110
keisha castle hughes pregnant 106


Wednesday, 7 February 2007

CYFSWATCH postings now linked to this site.

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

More CYFSWATCH videos now available on You tube.

I am proud to announce that I have created two new video’s which can be found on

The first video which I created last week has won an honor, not sure who gave it to the video, but I suspect its a blogger! The title is; CYFSwatch, the video.

The two new video’s are;

Peter Hughes “a comedy of errors”

This video is 100 times better than the first!


This is who I am, Kiwi1960 

The first video is available for download from my site, with the other two to be made available soon.


CYFSWATCH replies:

kiwi1960, you are doing the families and children of New Zealand a great service – thank you.

Friday, 9 February 2007

CYFS gets 3 out of 10 for child care.

CYFS gets 3 out of 10 for child careFriday July 28, 2006

By Simon Collins (NZ Herald)

Church social services have given the Government a “fail” mark for care and protection of children.

The Christian Council of Social Services, representing the six main churches involved in social work, says the Government has produced “a lot of paper” in the past six years, but has failed to protect children.

In the past four years, substantiated cases of abuse or neglect have risen by 62 per cent to 10,687.

Spokesman Shaun Robinson, who runs Presbyterian Support in Hawkes Bay, said there was a huge amount of frustration among agencies working with families at the lack of effective moves to do anything about it.

“If this was an outbreak of typhoid that was killing and maiming our children, the whole nation would unite behind a plan to end it,” he said.

“Why on earth can’t we understand this is the same? There is no simple quick fix, but there are solutions.”

The council rates the Government:

* One out of 10 for having “a systematic approach”. It said Child, Youth and Family Services (CYFS) had been restructured at least five times since 1992 and politicians were “clutching at straws” for answers.

* Two out of 10 for clarifying who does what about the problem.

* Two out of 10 for co-ordinating all the state and community agencies involved.

* Four out of 10 for funding. CYFS’ budget had been increased, but “no serious effort has been made to improve resourcing to non-government preventive services”.

* Five out of 10 for “doing the right things”, including efforts to give young people permanent placements instead of repeated short-term ones.

* Five out of 10 for training more social workers and paying them adequately.

Overall, the council put the score at three out of 10. It called for devolving more funding to community agencies such as the churches, especially for preventive work with families rather than waiting for a crisis.

“By its nature, this requires trust on the part of the families involved, and this is built by long-term involvement in local communities,” it said.

Mr Robinson said CYFS could not develop that trust because of frequent staff turnover. He works as a volunteer with a 16-year-old youth who has had 10 CYFS social workers in four years.

The report also calls for disbanding CYFS’ national call centre in Grey Lynn, where about 70 staff take all calls from the public. Instead, it says calls should be handled by local CYFS staff who know local families.

But CYFS’ general manager of operations, Lorraine Williams, said calls were already passed on by the call centre to local staff within minutes if necessary. “If you go to local call centres you will get inconsistent threshold management,” she said.

Peter Hughes, the head of the Social Development Ministry, said the report was highly selective, unbalanced and unfair. He will meet the council next month.

Friday, 9 February 2007

United Future MP Judy Turner Press Release 8/2/07.

Media statement, for immediate release.Thursday, 8 February 2007

Turner exposes CYFS crisis

United Future family spokesperson Judy Turner today revealed the entire oversight panel in Tauranga that reviews the work of the Child, Youth and Family Service in the city has been sacked – by the Tauranga CYFS site manager.

“I’m informed this extraordinary action was taken because the manager thought the panel was too confrontational and too critical of CYFS staff,” said Mrs Turner.

“The job of the Care & Protection Resource Panel is to advise social workers responding to notifications, and to ensure that the standard of social work practice is sufficient to ensure the safety of children.

“The panel has recently criticised the decision by site management to withhold some notifications from the panel, where the decision by social workers was to close the notification.

“The panel believed that this may lead to unsafe practises for children. Even when an attempt was made to rectify this concern, the panel still ended up being expected to rubber stamp cases that had been already closed, contrary to the Act, which requires the panel to provide advice on all notifications.

“The problem seems to be driven by a government policy that requires there to be no unallocated cases.

“This sees social workers focusing on output rather than outcomes based on quality social work. Even once an intervention has happened, the department seems to change gear and focus on their new policy of strongly encouraging foster parents to assume the care of the children under the Care of Children Act, a policy driven by budgetary aims rather than the best interests of children.

“The Tauranga Resource Panel certainly seemed very concerned about inadequate social work in many cases.

“I am concerned that the site manager has been able to fire the entire panel against the Department’s own guidelines which state that a third of the panel must be retained.

“Surely we don’t want to see these panels muzzled in any way that ends up making a mockery of the whole process.

“This is surely further evidence of the urgent need for an independent complaints authority to look into complaints against CYFS,” said Mrs Turner.


Contact: Judy Turner MP
Tel: 04 470 699
Cell: 021 309803

Friday, 9 February 2007

“We didn’t fire them: they just left”.

CYF disputes MP’s claims.

8/02/2007 17:12:02

The Department of Child Youth and Family disputes United Future’s claims that an entire panel in Tauranga which oversees the work they do has been sacked.

MP Judy Turner says she is aware that the Tauranga CYF site manager got rid of the Care and Protection Resource Panel because it was too confrontational and too critical of CYF staff.

Mrs Turner says the group was an essential part of the process and should be re-instated.

However a spokeswoman says a review was done of the six panels in the Bay of Plenty and as a result of that, several recommendations were made to the Tauranga panel, which led to one member resigning; two others have since left and there are still four on the panel.

Friday, 9 February 2007

Hey Cindy: check out the last paragraph – YOU HAVE NO MANDATE.

CYF watchdog bites back against criticism:


The office of the Children’s Commissioner already acts as an independent watchdog on Child Youth and Family, Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro says.

Earlier this week United Future deputy leader Judy Turner called for an independent body to be set up to investigate complaints against the department.

Her call followed the resignations of two British-recruited social workers who have lashed the CYF’s standards.

But Ms Kiro said today her office was already an independent complaints body for the department.

“As Children’s Commissioner, I am an Independent Crown Entity with powers to investigate any decision or recommendation made by CYF and monitor and assess the policies and practices of the Department,” she said.

“My office routinely deals with public enquiries and complaints about Child, Youth and Family, canvassing a whole range of issues such as social work practice, removal and the placement of children.”

She also had a role helping agencies dealing with children to establish their own complaints procedures as well as monitoring the nature and level of complaints.

Several issues were currently being discussed in relation to this with the CYF management and CYF minister Ruth Dyson.

Ms Turner said she supported the role of the Children’s Commissioner, but the office only had a limited capability to investigate CYF.

The public would be better served by an independent authority, an idea she had discussed with Ms Kiro.

“We agreed that the role of the commissioner is limited to issues pertaining to children.

“Any complaint from parents regarding their maltreatment or perceived abuse or other failure of CYF is completely beyond the mandate of the Children’s Commissioner to investigate.”If a person notified CYF about their fears about the children of a neighbour and they were ignored there was no independent body for them to complain to, she said.

Friday, 9 February 2007

What have we done to contribute to the situation we now find ourselves in?

Yay!! More customers for CYFS and Mental Health Services et al!From the NZ Herald – Friday 6 Feb –07

Home violence targeted as death toll rises.


A multimillion-dollar campaign to curb domestic violence is being prepared as homicide statistics show that six women have been killed this year allegedly by their husbands or partners.

Twelve people have been killed in the first 40 days of the year, at least half of them women allegedly murdered by husbands or partners.

At least 17 children – including adults – have been left without mothers as a result of deaths in the past two months.

The $11.5 million Government campaign will start mid-year.

The Ministry of Social Development would not discuss the campaign yesterday, saying an announcement would be made soon.

Forensic psychologist Dr Ian Lambie said many factors contributed to the new year’s outbreak of violent crimes.

“I think it’s pressures, it’s stress. In terms of domestic crimes, I think people aren’t utilising the services available to get assistance and help, and things are getting out of control.”

Social and health services were more extensive than a decade ago but people who may need help were not using them, Dr Lambie said.

“The way to address these things is to look at a whole range of interventions. You go back to early childhood … high-risk mothers that are pregnant. You go back to providing those people with education and support from within the family, from community groups, and providing more access to services”.

Yes, Dr. Lambie, Social Services are way more extensive than they were a decade ago –yet things are demonstrably worse!People are using these services, but they are the wrong people and the agencies involved are incapable of or unwilling in sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Far too many of the high-risk mothers referred to are those who have chosen welfare dependency as a lifestyle and created the “underclass” to which John Keys refers.

The fathers they choose are those who have been allowed to move off the dole and onto the sickness or invalid’s benefit, unchallenged for decades.

Such parents breed the children who drop out of school and follow in their parent’s footsteps. They are hardly likely to be supportive or capable of providing guidance and stability when they make such bad choices for themselves in creating the problem in the first place.

To suggest it is ludicrous lip-service.

These parents are, however, guaranteed to breed the next generation of “clients” for CYFS, WINZ, Mental Health Services etc.

If those in REAL need are not accessing “help” it is because they know that to invite the Social Service agencies like CYFS into the equation is to relinquish what little control they have to a department that will steam-roll their way into their lives and inextricably entangle them in a far worse degree of distress with their “well-intentioned” incompetence.

Old Maxim: “Governments only do what is right for the people…but not until all other avenues have been completely exhausted”.

This problem doesn’t need yet another tier of bureaucratic interventionists. It needs the ratbags weeded out of the existing agencies and a serious reality check for their current policies.

CYFS needs to act effectively on GENUINE, professionally quantified and qualified cases of child abuse. Instead, they are taking advantage of suggestions or perceptions of it, even malicious misrepresentations of it to meddle and bungle along for years in each case, cocking it up all the way, allowing the department to grow like topsy.

Mental Health Services also need to lift their act – leave the hand-holding and tea-and-sympathy to Victim Support.

For example, assist my neighbour (with WINZ assistance) into gainful employment instead of watching her fester away on a sickness benefit two full years after losing custody of the child she so meanly abused for so long under the watchful eye of CYFS.

How can allowing her to continue in this chosen lifestyle be good for her mental health?

What are we paying you for?

The Probation Service needs to stop behaving like a bunch of indulgent uncles, and Police need to leave social work to the social workers.

It’s all very well to buddy up to the peeping tom who lurks in our neighbourhood, and to treat those of us expressing concern as intolerant.

How many times does the community cop need to ask him to stop frightening the kids at the local school?

He might be nuts, but his behaviour is still criminal.

“Care in the Community” needs to be binned and the lunatics put back in the asylum. Especially Helen.

There is obviously a hell of a lot of money in getting it wrong…and jobs for the boys.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

A Social Commentary on “Helenegrad”

‘Around The Traps In Helengrad.’

Yes…It had to happen. Here I am again. Even the demise of New Zealand’s once famous ‘Kiwinews’ could not keep a good man down.

It has been a couple of months now and I know (judging by my e-mail) that some of you ‘expats’ are hanging out for a little news from home. If you are with me for the first time, don’t take exception immediately…it gets worse, believe me.

Helengrad is a small country deep in the south pacific populated in the main by weak assed men and chicks with appendages, and that’s not to mention the sheep.

The prettiest of which, seem to be grabbed up by those Aussie bachelors who either can’t afford, or aren’t yet into, misguided tours of Asia.

It is socialist, Helengrad….as driven by the government of the time.

It is a place where it actually pays to be a deviant…social or sexual…or even both.

Most of our politicians are of course, liars, and if you belong to the ruling party, and you are a liar….a good liar, then chances are, you will already have been sacked and have been sentenced to an elevated life within Cabinet.

We are a secular society. God has to prove himself here. Ask Helen….

You can’t smack kids here, nor can you leave them at home alone…though you can leave a toddler in your car in a supermarket car park just so long as they don’t die, or at a video arcade especially if you are a Plunket mum or you are lactating, or you are a solo mum wearing slacks under your mini-skirt and wearing a baby carrying sling about your neck with metal sticking out of your face as if you arsed up in a sewing kit.

…and you can kill them…and the police will wait for you to volunteer your confession….

Helengrad, like Stalingrad, was named after its founder…. ‘Helen’.

But to hell with all of that. Let’s take a look at things as they are:

‘In Helengrad.’

‘All newly registered dogs are to be micro-chipped.’

That, you see, is to stop them from attacking people.

Bloody amazing isn’t it.

“Couldn’t have been me Sir….I’ve been micro-chipped!”

As if that wasn’t enough for your average Helengradian…a couple of the more flaky among the Greens actually crossed the floor to oppose the government of Helengrad on this piece of absolute bloody nonsense.

Well…that included a certain mop-top who couldn’t make it as an elected member, and like most of the Helenic government, got there through the back door…which is closer to the truth than you might care to believe.

Now I meant to tell you before…Helengrad…like Stalingrad, which is run by the Gremlin…is run by the ‘Femlin’.

Here in Helengrad the aged wait for God while those sisters in need of brotherhood… and Vicky vercoe, seek out the surgical procedures now famous in Helengrad, the


in other words, the ‘willy whack’ as opposed to the ‘I want to be a bloke’ procedure or the…


go to the top of the public health list, which incidentally, saw thousands slashed from waiting lists in the last week alone.

Word on the streets is that Helen is about to undergo a chest implant…no…not breasts…hairs, stupid.

In fact, our esteemed leader may well be lining up for her ‘chip’ as well.

Junior doctors have become tired of working 70 hours plus a week, and are afraid that in their tired states, they may make a wrong decision, and given that as junior doctors, they probably don’t qualify for ACC’s ‘No Blame- No Shame’ policy here in Helengrad, I can see why they are concerned.

That’s where the junior doctors stand…The senior ones, most of whom have already capitulated and have done away with the mythical ‘Hippocratic Oath’ seldom stand…and that, now they have to step up and cover during the junior doctor’s strikes, seems to be their real gripe.

CYF’s, which to me, especially when said fast, still sounds like a social disease, is still operating and is still putting at increased risk about 4 in every three kids it comes into contact with.

Michael Cullen still survives as Helen’s token male, and continues also to lose as much public money as he can, and it would seem his latest hobby is to blame the media (who incidentally swore allegiance to the Femlin just before the last election) of plotting against the government.

If he had a mind…it could be thought…he might be losing it……

Winston Peters, leader of the ‘I’ll show you yours if you show me mine’ party is still minister outside cabinet and minister of foreign affairs, but who the affair might be with is anyone’s guess. They must be foreign though.

Jim Anderton, of the ‘Jim Anderton, One Man Band’ party is still greasing the hinges on the cabinet room door, and still peddling party drugs approved by his colleagues and killing kids…more kids…….someone else’s kids as it happens…….

Rodney Hide managed to make the semi’s of the ‘Dance In The Dark’ shambles on TV One, but at least he was raising money for worthy causes and not skimming off the top.

He was about as elegant as an emu with both of its legs in the same side of its pantyhose, but hey! That’s Rodney.

and speaking of Rodney…that’s about it from me…for now.

Catch you around……….The Traps In Helengrad……..

Sunday, 11 February 2007

David Farrar comments on CYFSWATCH (National Radio).

David Farrar commenting on CYFSWatch on National Radio’s “Media Watch”Sunday 11 Feb 07 9:10a.m.

Mr David Farrar of fame (among other hats) commented during this interview this morning that of the 400 or so posts on CYFSWatch “some” seem to be genuine.

Thank you Mr Farrar, you are the only media commentator I have heard to date who has the decency to almost concede that not all of CYFSWatch posters are rabid sociopaths “spewing” inarticulate expletives and making vile threats against blameless CYFS social workers and the highly esteemed Family Court.

What a shame and a disgrace it is for NZ that the authorities haven’t given those with genuine grievances a fair hearing but instead have abused their position of authority and access to our fawning media to discredit each and every one of us.

Any fool can see that the fervent hope if the current regime is that we will all get ground down by the hopelessness of our situation and eventually go away – tails between our legs, heads hanging in despair.

It would be interesting to know if this appalling situation is having an effect on the thinking of those looking at NZ as a ‘nice’ place to settle when they see how our ‘democracy’ is really structured – and what it is like to live in a country without a formal constitution.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Herald on Sunday Article.

Peter Hughes should resign.From the Herald on Sunday

“212 years to repay benefit debt”
Sunday February 11, 2007
By Stephen Cook

New Zealand’s biggest benefit cheat owes more than $220,000 – and is repaying the debt at just $25 a week.

Ministry of Social Development figures released to the Herald on Sunday show the country’s four worst welfare cheats collectively owe nearly $800,000, which is unlikely ever to be recovered.

Welfare fraud costs the country hundreds of millions of dollars a year, with most culprits never caught. Those who are prosecuted – 994 in the 2005/2006 financial year – usually have to repay what they owe, but the repayments are often so small that it would take the ministry several lifetimes to recover the money.

Despite this, the ministry is encouraging the public to dob in cheats. Last year, it investigated 12,094 cases of suspected fraud after complaints from the public and of those it established overpayments in 1882 cases, of around $19 million.

Ministry chief executive Peter Hughes said while tip-offs were 30 per cent down on the previous year, it seemed that early intervention was proving successful.

He believed the decrease in tip-offs was a result of the ministry’s efforts in deterring people from committing fraud, as well as a decrease in the number of people receiving an unemployment benefit….etc”

Unemployment beneficiary numbers are not down, Mr Hughes, they have merely transmogrified into “sickness” and invalidation!Tip-offs are down, Mr Hughes, because taxpayers know that IF your staff act on the information provided cheats will be asked to pay back only a fraction of the money stolen and allowed to get clean away with the crime they have committed. What the hell, therefore, is the point?

It’s fraud, Mr Hughes, theft of taxpayer’s money.

Wall-to-wall welfare is now a nasty grubby fact of NZ life.

It’s part of the indulgent culture of the current regime who think such fraudsters should just be slapped on the wrist and told tut-tut. What sort of deterrent is that, Mr Hughes?

This is all happening under your stewardship, Mr Hughes. Is the embarrassment of the disclosure of yet another failure in your duty of care the same reason you were so keen to shut down CYFSWatch, Mr Hughes?

Your ministry should be re-named the Ministry of Social Destruction, Mr Hughes.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

CYFSWATCH “Mediawatch” story at Radio New Zealand.

Go to:

and click on 11th February 2007.

When screen pops up, and show starts playing, fast foreword to 13.40 minutes to begin listening. Story ends at 21.43 minutes.


Tuesday, 13 February 2007

David Benson-Pope Story appears on another blog?

Anonymous writes:

I see the Benson-Pope story is up again too.


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